Baidu offers marketing tools for firms eyeing China

Corporate May 16, 2014 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Baidu Thailand yesterday officially launched a package of online marketing tools for Thai businesses targeting the Chinese market.

Baidu Chinese Advertising Services (Baidu CAS), consists of four services: Baidu Search Engine Marketing (Baidu SEM), Baidu Union, Baidu Brand, and Baidu Travel. 
Baidu SEM allows Thai businesses to buy keywords in order to be at the top of a search result page. Baidu Union lets them display adverts on Baidu’s 600,000 Chinese-language websites.
With Baidu Brands, Thai businesses can advertise with text, banners and video alongside Baidu search results. There are two kinds of advertising display. Baidu Zone is a one-third-page display at the top of the search result page, while Baidu Landmark is a banner ad located on the top right.
The fourth service allows businesses to advertise on the Baidu Travel website, which is accessed 20 million times per day. Banner adverts, travel guides and marketing campaigns are the three options. 
Baidu Thailand operation manager Chadakorn Tanasuwankasem said this was the first time Baidu, a Beijing-based Web-services company, had officially launched Baidu CAS for the Thai market. 
“China is a huge potential market for Thai businesses,” she said, noting that the annual value of Thailand’s export to China is about US$27 million, while around 4.4 million Chinese people travel to Thailand every year. 

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