BMW's Thai unit posts worldwide group's highest sales

Corporate February 23, 2013 00:00

By The Nation

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BMW Group Thailand posted the highest sales ever for BMW, Mini and BMW Motorrad last year, also hitting the highest sales growth within the BMW Group of companies worldwide.


BMW Group Thailand achieved record growth of 44 per cent with sales of 6,114 BMW and Mini automobiles. All three business units posted record sales in BMW Group Thailand’s history: BMW Automobiles with 5,613 deliveries, a 45-per-cent jump year on year; Mini, 501 deliveries, a 30-per-cent rise; and BMW Motorrad with 290 motorcycle deliveries, a 37-per-cent growth. 
BMW Group Thailand president Matthias Pfalz said: “BMW Group Thailand has again achieved record sales for the second consecutive year in our history with the highest growth of 44 per cent year on year for BMW and Mini combined, setting a new benchmark of 6,114 vehicles. This was the best-ever sales result and BMW Group Thailand posted the highest growth within the entire BMW world.
“Our success in Thailand was in line with the success of BMW Group worldwide. BMW Group achieved the highest sales record of over 1.8 million vehicles worldwide last year, an increase of 10.6 per cent from the previous year.
“For BMW, the growth of over 45 per cent to close 2012 with 5,613 vehicles represented a very strong and rapid demand in all of our models. For Mini, the new record of 501 deliveries was exceptional. Mini Countryman has largely contributed to the success of the Mini product portfolio. 
“BMW Motorrad also achieved an all-time high in sales with 290 deliveries and the highest growth of 37 per cent year on year in 2012, in line with the global success of BMW Motorrad worldwide. With total sales of over 106,000 motorcycles, it was the best-ever sales in its 90-year history,” Pfalz added.
“BMW Group Thailand has laid out our strategies for 2013. We will introduce exciting new products with superior performance and innovative technologies while promoting efficient fuel consumption and reasonable maintenance costs. This year marks the beginning of new era for the BMW Group as the all-electric BMW i3 will make its debut towards the end of the year. 
“In Thailand, we have a number of new models in the pipeline, waiting to be introduced to meet the growing demand of our Thai customers,” he said.
This year, up to eight model variations of BMW ActiveHybrid 3, 5 and 7 will be offered, he added. 

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