Auto production hits 20-month low

Auto & Audio January 17, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Thailand produced 158,893 vehicles in December, the lowest output in 20 months and down 28.22 per cent from December 2012, affected by the discontinuation of the government's first-car scheme, said Surapong Paisitpattanapong, spokesman for the Federation

Total production last year was 2,457,086 units, the highest in 52 years, making Thailand one of the top 10 automotive producers in the world. Production was up 0.14 per cent 2012. 
The production of passenger cars last month was 64,717 units, down 33.77 per cent from December 2012. Full-year passenger-car production was 1,071,076 units, accounting for 43.59 per cent of total vehicle output and up 11.85 per cent from 2012.
Production for export in December was 81,329 units, representing 51.18 per cent of total production and up 1.26 per cent from the same month in 2012. Production for export in all of 2013 was 1,121,303 units, accounting for 45.64 per cent of the total and up 9.75 per cent from 2012.
Production for domestic sales last month was 77,564 units or 48.82 per cent of the total, down 45.01 per cent from December 2012. For the full year, production was 1,335,783 units or 54.36 per cent of the total and down 6.72 per cent from the previous year.
A total of 108,688 vehicles were sold domestically last month, down 24.9 per cent from December 2012 but up by 16.26 per cent from November. Total sales last year were 1,325,478, down 7.7 per cent from 2012. 
A total of 87,961 complete vehicles were exported last month, up 1.93 per cent year on year but down 8.38 per cent from November. Export value was Bt40.463 billion, down 0.75 per cent year on year. 
The export value of car engines was more than Bt2.831 billion, up 59.77 per cent year on year, while that of auto parts was Bt17.349 billion, up 21.26 per cent. The export value of spare parts exceeded Bt1.848 billion, up 12.49 per cent. 
The total export value of all these in December was more than Bt62.492 billion, an increase of 6.84 per cent year on year.
The total export value of complete cars, engines, auto parts and spare parts in 2013 was more than Bt754.225 billion, up 6.26 per cent from 2012.