Asian Property Development relaunches corporate identity

Real Estate August 23, 2012 00:00


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Asian Property Development yesterday relaunched its corporate identity after two years of restructuring and image development to support its mission to build homes for all kinds of customers with the slogan "To be the dynamic creator providing quality in


“We didn’t just rebrand only the logo but also all of our functions to serve our new corporate brand concept. This means we promise customers that they will get all that they need from us,” chief executive officer Anuphong Assavabhokhin said in an interview.

Most customers recognise its 11 product brands more than the corporate brand. The challenge for the management team was what to do to get customers to know and trust both its corporate and products brands.

The heart of its rebranding concept is customer satisfaction with its product designs, customer service and after-sales service.

The new logo comes in six colours representing the firm’s ideals. Blue is for “adept” in all of its products, or functionality to fulfil customer requirements. Red is “agile”, or quick response to customer demands. Purple is “creative”, or innovative designs and services to appeal to customers. White is “collabora-tion”, or cooperation of all business units to do anything for customers.

Orange is “passion”, or doing anything with all one’s heart and full attention. And the last is green, meaning “challenge”, or initiating products for customers.

The real-estate market has changed since the company was started 17 years ago. Instead of just building homes for sale, now developers have to design them to meet the desires of customers not only for a place to stay but also a place to facilitate their lifestyle.

“We have to have an idea of what customers want before we design homes,” Anuphong said. “Some designs we think are necessary for the customer but in fact the customer does not need them, so when we develop residences now, we have to do research before launching projects. That is more difficult than 17 years ago.”

A budget of Bt150 million has been set aside for the rest of the year to advertise what Asian Property Development is all about and what customers can expect when buying its residential projects.

This is expected to help drive its presales to Bt20 billion this year and support growth in the future. In the first seven months, the company recorded presales of Bt13 billion. It plans to break ground on 10 projects worth Bt11.62 billion after launching seven projects worth Bt8.71 billion in the first half.