Asean to tackle cyber crime

business June 26, 2014 00:00

By Vientiane Times

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Information and Telecommunication Technology (ICT) engineers from several Asean member countries met in Vientiane yesterday at the Asean workshop on public-private partnerships on data centre security.

The workshop comes after the recent hacking scare, which occurred at Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao (BCEL). Last week, BCEL warned its E-banking customers to be aware of identity and password theft as it had affected several customers recently.

According to the bank, hackers attempted to steal usernames and password information of the BCEL's I-banking and E-banking customers through phishing techniques to trick customers.

The three-day workshop is aimed at providing the opportunity for participants to learn from trainers skilled in internet network security, protocol, analysis, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, prevention systems and incident response.

At the opening ceremony, Director General of the Planning and Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication Mr Sith Xaphakdy called on the region's countries to cooperate and unite against the growing threat of cyber crimes.

Sith said ICT was an important driver of socio-economic development and the use of the technology and its applications for various purposes has increased dramatically.

“While people from all over the world enjoy the us e of the internet for various communication purposes such as business transactions and banking, the risks of being hacked is becoming incr easingly severe, widespread and globalised,” he said,

Sith noted that electronic hacking is a global challenge that faces the international community as a whole and cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated.

“Therefore, it is necessary for the countries in the Asean region and the world to cooperate in cyber security and share the benefits in order to build mutual trust and work hand-in-hand to develop a secure and reliable ICT environment,” he added.

“It is a necessity to ensure our people gain the skills and knowledge required to counteract intrusion or any other kinds of cyber-attacks in our network.”

Laos is committed to actively strengthening cooperation and mutual assistance on network security internationally

“The Lao government has prepared policies and regulations to ensure internet security and social media management,” Mr Sith said

The workshop was organised by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication and supported by the Asean ICT Centre.