All 24 commercial operators choose network providers

Corporate February 13, 2014 00:00


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AS THE DEBUT of digital terrestrial television approaches, all 24 holders of commercial TV licences have selected network operators in order to be up and ready when the system kicks off. Among the four state-run digital TV network providers, it appears

Anake Permvongsani, president of MCOT, revealed yesterday that Spring News Television, Triple V Broadcast and Voice TV had confirmed they would lease its network for transmission of their digital TV channels.
Spring News Television and Voice TV each obtained a licence to operate a commercial news channel in the auction held recently by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission. Triple V Broadcast, which is wholly owned by the publisher of Thai Rath newspaper, won a licence to run a high-definition (HD) commercial variety channel. 
Apart from those clients, MCOT will also transmit its own digital variety HD and family channels on its network.
Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) recently signed a network-provider agreement with BEC-Multimedia, RS Television and Thai TV. BEC-Multimedia, a sister company of the Channel 3 operator, will lease Thai PBS’s network for distribution of its three newly obtained digital TV channels – two variety channels in high and standard definition (SD), and a third offering children’s and family programming. 
RS, Thai TV to use Thai PBS
Likewise, RS Television’s SD variety channel and Thai TV’s two channels (news and family) will be delivered through Thai PBS’s network. 
The Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Station, the operator of TV5, became the largest digital-network operator with 13 clients. For HD service, the Army reached leasing agreements with GMM HD Digital TV, Bangkok Media Broadcasting, Bangkok Broadcasting and Television (Channel 7), Amarin Television and True DTT. 
For SD service, the Army signed contracts with Thai Broadcasting (Workpoint Entertainment), GMM SD Digital TV, Bangkok Business Broadcasting and Mono Broadcast for their variety channels, and similar contracts with NBC Next Vision, Thai News Network, 3A Marketing and DN Broadcast for their news channels. 

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