Ada Soft offers point-of-sale app for tablets

Economy August 06, 2014 01:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Ada Soft, a Thai software company, yesterday launched its "POS More" application for tablets, designed to help small and medium-sized retailers improve their business performance with a low-cost investment - starting at Bt900 per tablet per month.

Chief executive officer Wissanupong Wongwas said Ada POS More allowed a tablet to utilise a wide range of point-of-sale features that normally run on a POS-dedicated machine, such as inventory, order suggestions, promotions, and branch systems. 
“We aim to have 30,000 users in Thailand by the end of next year actively using our application. There are about 500,000 small-to-medium-size retail shops in this country, and our product is meant to provide this group with management tools that are affordable,” he said.
Retailers will be charged a monthly fee starting at Bt900 per month per tablet, going up to Bt1,900 if they have branches. 
Ada POS More runs on tablets operating with Android 4.2 and up. Users can connect the tablet to a point-of-sale receipt printer wirelessly. 
Wissanupong said Ada Soft was cooperating with CS Loxinfo, an Internet service provider, and Advice Holding Group, an information-technology retailer, to provide this solution. 
“Ada POS More is offered under a cloud platform, provided by CS Loxinfo, that allows users to download it directly. Moreover, we also offer users the choice of buying tablets and downloading the application at Advice’s 250 shops nationwide.” 
Under the revenue-sharing arrangement, Ada Soft gets 55 per cent, CS Loxinfo 35 per cent, and Advice Holding as the distribution channel receives 10 per cent, excluding the cost of the tablet.
He said the company planned to market Ada POS More in nearby countries including Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam within six months. It expects 10,000 downloads in those markets by the end of next year. 
“Instead of having to invest between Bt7,000 and Bt8,000 for point-of-sale software, on top of Bt30,000 for a POS machine, small-to-medium-sized retail shops can use our POS system with an initial cost of only Bt900,” Wissanupong said.