200,000 Mirages come off assembly lines

Auto & Audio February 21, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Mitsubishi has produced 200,000 Mirages since the eco-car was first introduced in Thailand in March 2012, the company said in a statement.

According to the Japanese automaker, 77,691 Mirages – 39 per cent of production – were for the domestic market, while 122,309, or 61 per cent, were exported. 
Mitsubishi Motors Thailand president Masahiko Ueki said the production figures reflect strong consumer acceptance for the Mirage from around the world, as well as Mitsubishi’s ability in achieving the Board of Investment’s (BoI) requirements, which includes annual production of more than 100,000 of the eco-cars within the fifth year of production. 
“Last year, which was only the second year that the Mirage was introduced, the company was able to produce 115,965 units and pass the BoI regulations,” he said. “The majority of customers appreciate the Mirage’s excellent fuel economy, nimbleness and a large number of features that respond to their lifestyles.” 
Mitsubishi Mirage production (as of January 16, 2014) 
2012 013 2014 total 
  Domestic production: 46,271 31,310 110 77,691 
  Export production: 34,155 84,555 3,599 22,309 
  Total: 80,426 115,865 3,709 200,000