Yingluck 'can submit more evidence' to fight rice scheme charge

Breaking News August 05, 2014 16:22

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Former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra can submit more evidence or propose more witnesses in the rice-pledging scheme case within 30 days, deputy spokesman of the Office of the Attorney-General said Tuesday.

The National AntiCorruption Commission (NACC) Tuesday submitted five boxes, including 4,000 pages, of documents to the Office of the Attorney-General and asked it to file a complaint in court against Yingluck in the case of dereliction of duty, which resulted in the Bt500-billion loss by the rice-pledging scheme.
Santanee Ditsayabut said that due to the prominence of the case, a deputy attorney-general would be assigned to head an investigation team for the case. If the team sees the evidence is enough, the case will be forwarded to the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Political Office Holders within 30 days. Otherwise, a joint-panel would have to be set up with the NACC to collaborate on the case. 
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