Would-be bank robber arrested in Phitsanulok

Breaking News April 22, 2014 00:00

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A man was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly breaking into a bank in Phitsanulok province.
The police was acting on an alert given by the Thanachart Bank branch manager that a man had broken into his Rama Branch. When the police reached the bank, they saw the door was open and entered before calling for reinforcements.
The suspect was identified Somchai Sangchan, 40, who confessed that he broke in to steal money to pay off his Bt20,000 debts. A pound hammer was found in the area along with a screwdriver and a hat. The suspect’s motorcycle was outside the bank.
Somchai allegedly broke into the bank by breaking the front door with the hammer and screwdriver, and silenced the alarm. Somchai rummaged through an employee’s desk, and broke open the ATM but had found nothing by the time the police arrived.

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