World's largest James Bond car collection up for sale

Breaking News March 06, 2014 00:00

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Hamburg - A property tycoon has put the world's largest collection of James Bond cars up for sale.

US-based Michael Dezer is asking a cool 36 million dollars for the fleet of 60 original vehicles from the James Bond films, according to British and German media reports.
There is something for everyone, ranging from Odd Job's Rolls-Royce in Gold finger, a Lotus Esprit S1 with roof-mounted skis from the Spy who Loved Me and a tuk tuk auto rickshaw used in Octopussy.
A Russian T55 tank which crashed through a wall in Golden eye is also included.
A possible snag for prospective purchasers is that the owner prefers to sell the James Bond vehicles as a job lot.
"They must stay together," Barbara Donovan of Mayfair Cars in London told Germany's Spiegel Online website.
She and her husband Stuart are Dezer's British representatives.
Most of the Bond vehicles came from a museum in the town of Keswickin Britain's picturesque Lake District.
When the owner closed down the attraction, Dezer bought the lot and had them shipped to his museum in Miami, Florida.
Here they joined other automotive screen idols such as the original VW Beetle from the Herbie movies. Down the years Dezer has collected a total of 1,800 vehicles.

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