Warrants issued for eight suspects so far in shrine bombing

Breaking News September 02, 2015 17:47

By The Nation

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Eight arrest warrants have now been issued by a court following the Erawan Shrine and Sathon Pier bomb attacks, while two suspects are under under military custody.

The first warrant was issued on August 19 for the yellow-shirted foreigner, who had been seen on closed-circuit TV cameras placing the bomb at the Erawan Shrine.
The charges were of intentionally killing people, trying to kill people, causing an explosion that killed and injured people, damaging other property, illegally possessing an explosive device and carrying a weapon in public without reasonable purpose.
The second warrant was issued on August 27 for the arrest of a foreigner in a blue shirt, who was alleged to be the bomber at Sathon Pier, as seen on closed-circuit TV camera evidence.
He was accused of possessing and using an explosive device without permission, causing the explosion which might have harmed others, and trying intentionally to kill other people.
The third and fourth warrants were issued on August 31 against Wanna Suansan, accused of possessing an explosive device unlawfully. Facing a similar warrant with the same allegations was a male foreigner as seen in a police sketch.
On Tuesday, the fifth, sixth and seventh warrants were issued. Two were for Turkish nationals, named as Ali Jolan and Ahmet Bosonglan, and the other for a man of unidentified nationality. 
On Wednesday the eighth suspect was named as Emrah Davuloglu, also a Turk.
The police disclosed that they found the connection of the third to eighth suspects to the bomb plot from the investigation at Poon Anand Apartments in Nong Chok district, where the first suspect was captured. The eighth suspect is Wanna’s husband.
It was reported that two suspects have been captured so far. The first was Adem Karadag and the second a male foreigner arrested at the Cambodian border in Sa Kaew Province. Both are now in military custody at the 11th Military Circle.

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