Victims name officials they suspect helped ‘Ying Kai’

Breaking News July 10, 2016 19:57

By The Nation

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Several alleged victims of notorious high-society woman “Ying Kai” lodged complaints with Crime Suppression police Sunday against officials they suspect assisted or encouraged her alleged illegal activities.

“We are here to provide information that suggests senior civil servants, soldiers and police might be complicit,” said Songkran Atchariyasap, the attorney for former maid Prapawan “Goi” Jaikla, who led the alleged victims to police.

Monta “Ying Kai” Yokratanakan has been detained for charges including lodging a false complaint with police, possible lese majeste and human trafficking. The woman filed many complaints of theft against staff, including Prapawan.

The case against Prapawan caught the media spotlight, as the student has fought hard to prove she was innocent in regard to an alleged theft.

Metropolitan Police also reviewed investigators at Prachachuen Police Station who handled cases from Monta. “The results will likely come out by July 13,” Songkran said.

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