Two Bulgarians arrested in Phuket for allegedly stealing ATM cards' data

Breaking News November 05, 2012 00:00

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Phuket - Police have arrested two Bulgarians for having allegedly attempted to steal electronic data for cloning ATM cards.


Stenkov Anchoha Ritonov, 33, and Tervel Dimitrov, 31, were arrested on Sunday in this island province. Police searched their rented bungalow and found an assortment of equipment for stealing electronic data from victims when they used their ATM cards on ATM machines installing with the data stealing equipment.
Dimitrov was charged with entering the kingdom without visa and Ritonov was charged with travelling in Thailand without a passport and visa. The two were charged with collaborating with other Bulgarians on the run of attempting to steal electronic data from ATM cards to clone the cards and to steal money accounts of victims.
Police were alerted by Kaksikorn Bank’s Karon Beach branch that an ATM machine had been illegally modified. Police staked out at the bank on Sunday and fond three foreigners arrived on three motorcycles and they went to the ATM machine to retrieve the modified equipment. Police tried to arrest them but two fled the scene while Dimitrov was arrested. Police later arrested Ritonov when he returned to try to retrieve a motorcycle left behind.
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