Thais in Israel warned to take cover at sound or air siren

Breaking News July 12, 2014 00:00

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The Thai embassy in Tel Aviv has warned Thais working in Israel to run for cover immediately at the sound of air siren.

The embassy said Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well as other important cities in the southern part and near Gaza Strip have been attacks by rockets from Hamas group since late last month and the attacks have been intensified so Thais should be on full alert to avoid being hits by rockets or mortar rounds.

The embassy said when Thais heard air siren, they should run for a bunker or safety room as soon as possible because a rocket could land near them in about 15 or 45 seconds.

Those who do not have access to a bunker should lie down immediately and cover their head with their hands for about ten minutes until they are sure that there will be no more explosions, the embassy advised.

If they are driving, they should leave their vehicle and lie down on the ground far from the vehicle. If they are near a building, they should rush inside it but they should not stand at the doors or they could be hit by rocket shrapnel if a rocket lands near the building. Those who are in a high building, should run down by one or two storeys and stay inside, the embassy advised.

The Thais are also warned to closely monitor announcements from the embassy.

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