Thai banks receive Bitcoin threat

Breaking News October 28, 2015 19:32

By The Nation

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Four Thai banks have received an e-mail from an anonymous group, demanding the payment in Bitcoins or face cyber attacks, according to a source from the IT industry.

The hacker group called itself “Armada Collective”, the source said. 
Nothing happened today, according to an executive of one of the banks. 
Swiss hosting providers reportedly received a similar threat in September. In the e-mail, the group demanded payment of 20 Bitcoins (approximately US$6,000 or Bt210,000). It also specified the deadline and said if payment was not paid, the hosting providers would see all servers crashed. Then, the rate would go up by 20 bitcoins everyday. In the e-mail, it also instructed the receivers not to contact the media or they would face permanent attacks. 

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