Thai Red Cross urgently pleads for Rh-negative blood donations

Breaking News March 11, 2014 00:00

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The Thai Red Cross Tuesday pleaded for urgent donations of Rh-negative blood, which are in urgent need for helping children and several operation cases.

The Red Cross announced that up to 168 units of Rh-negative blood are in need – 70 units of A Rh-negative blood, 32 units of B Rh-negative, 57 units of O Rh-negative, and 9 units of AB Rh-negative.
The Red Cross called on the people with Rh-negative blood to urgent contact its office on Henri Dunant Road or mobile blood donation units or call 02-263-9600-99 ext 1101, 1760, 1761 or 02-256-4300.
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