Taxi driver says he drove bomber to Hua Lamphong

Breaking News August 25, 2015 12:07

By The Nation

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Police have located a taxi driver who took the suspected Erawan Shrine bomber from in front of Charn Isara Building to the Hua Lamphong railway station.

Police invited the taxi driver, Chalerm (surname withheld) to be interrogated at the Metropolitan Police Bureau Monday night.

The driver from Nakhon Nayok drove a green-yellow taxi, which was seen on security cameras near the railway station delivering the suspect in yellow shirt.

After he got off the taxi, the suspected took a tuktuk.

Chalerm told police that the man looked resemble to the facial sketch of police and exactly to the suspect as seen on security cameras around the Erawan Shrine.

He said the man was waring yellow T-shirt and was carrying backpack but the backpack did not appear as large as seen on clips from CCTVs. The man was not carrying a white bag like what seen on clips from CCTVs.

Chalerm said he did not know what language the man used but the taxi driver made out only the word “Hua Lamphong”.

Chalerm delivered the man to the railway station and the meter displayed the fare of Bt61. The man gave Chalerm Bt100 note and the driver gave the man Bt40 change.

Police sought cooperation from Chalerm to take the taxi for forensic science police to detect any hair or other things that might be left by the suspect. Police would also try to detect fingerprints inside the taxi.

A team of police has also been dispatched to check the area around the Charn Isara Building to try to find out where the suspect had stayed.

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