Supreme Court says Thaksin has superstitious behaviors

Breaking News October 21, 2015 15:24

By The Nation

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The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra really behaved in a way that indicated he believes in superstition so Sondhi Limthongkul, Manager Group owner, was not wrong to criticise his belief.

The Supreme Court threw the libel suit filed by Thaksin against Sondhi on ground that the former prime minister had behaviors as criticised by Sondhi when the Manger owner spoke during rallies from March 6 to 24.
Thaksin sued Sondhi, a former leader of the defunct People’s Alliance for Democracy, for having allegedly defamed him by saying he was obsessed with superstition.
The primary court convicted Sondhi and sentenced him to be three years in jail. The Appeals Court later upheld the conviction but it reduced the sentence to one year in jail.
But the Supreme Court Wednesday ruled that Thaksin failed to disprove during the court trial that he did no have superstitious behaviors as pointed out by Sondhi during the rallies.
The Supreme Court said Thaksin was the prime minister so Sondhi had the rights to question his superstitious behaviors as such practices could affect the people’s faith.
As a result, the court threw out the suit against Sondhi and the publisher editor of The Manager.

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