Students allowed to choose how they spend shortened school days

Breaking News September 01, 2015 17:07

By The Nation

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Students will be allowed to leave their classrooms 90 minutes early every day and choose how they would like to fill their afternoons, thanks to a new learning and development initiative devised by the newly-appointed Education Minister.

In response to a policy implemented by Education Minister Dapong Ratanasuwan, 3,500 schools under the supervision the Office of Basic Education Commission (Obec) will significantly reduce the number of hours their primary and junior-secondary students spend in class from the second semester of this year.
Instead of sitting in class until 3.30pm, students at these pivotal schools will be required to stay only until 2pm, said Kamol Rodklai, secretary-general of Obec.
 “We will soon start listening to students’ opinions via the Internet,” Kamol said. 

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