Spirits lift in search for missing Malaysian jet

Breaking News March 23, 2014 00:00

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Sydney - There is "increasing hope" that debris from a Malaysian passenger jet missing for over two weeks will be found in the southern Indian Ocean, Australian officials said Sunday.

Two Chinese aircraft and two from Japan joined the international force of ships and planes searching a 36,000-kilometre patch some 2,500 kilometres south-west of Perth.

After four days of fruitless searching, spirits were buoyed by an image of a large object, 22.5 metres by 13 metres, captured  by a Chinese satellite March 18, two days after the first satellite images were broadcast.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott spoke of "very credible leads" and said there was "increasing hope ... that we might be on the road to discovering what did happen."

The object photographed by the Chinese satellite was about 120 kilometres from where the first images of possible debris from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 were taken.

Australia's HMAS Success is already in the search area along with two merchant ships. Chinese, British and more Australian naval vessels were en route.


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