Sihasak provides assurances to Japan on continued cooperation

Breaking News June 19, 2014 00:00

Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sihasak Phuangketkeow, on Thursday met with Japan's ambassador to Thailand Shigekatsu Sato to provide assurances on Thailand's commitment to continuing the excellent economic cooperation between the

During the 40-minute meeting, Sihasak briefed the envoy about the latest political developments and the junta’s roadmap to restore confidence in the country after the power seizure.
The meeting was held to explain and instil understanding and confidence in Thailand, which has enjoyed and diplomatic relations with Japan for a long time. 
Lagman also expressed concern over the content restrictions under the martial law, which have a negative impact on the essence of community radios as a medium for local voices.
“If conversations through this channel are limited only to commercial or entertaining content, the limitation will gradually undermine the value of community radios. We believe that community radio is one of the most effective tools for political expression. This is why each community needs its own community station," she said.
AMARC calls on the Thai military to return to the democratic process, respect human rights and fundamental freedoms including press freedom, and create a conducive environment for community radio stations in Thailand to operate free from restriction or fear.
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