Seven districts in Amnart Charoen declared flood disaster zones

Breaking News July 30, 2014 00:00

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The Amnart Charoen provincial administration Wednesday declared seven districts flood disaster zones after the farmlands there have already been inundated for more than seven days.

The seven districts are Muang, Hua Taphan, Lua Amnart, Phana, Senang Khanikhom, Pathumrat Wongsa and Chanumarn districts.

Songphan Chansawang, the chief agricultural officer of Amnart Charoen, said the declaration of disaster zones would allow the provincial administration to speed up alleviation efforts to help farmers. He said farmers would be eligible to receive compensations at the rate of Bt1,300 per rai.

He said the floods had killed paddy rice which had just been planted by farmers.

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