Seoul sends over instant noodles, drinking water

Breaking News October 26, 2011 00:00

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In addition to the aid pouring in, South Korea sent across 9 tonnes of instant noodles and drinking water Wednesday.


Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra also accepted donations – both in the form of cash and relief supplies – yesterday from other countries and business organisations. 
South Korean ambassador presented the noodles and drinking water to Yingluck, while the Indian charge d’affaires handed her Bt6 million, Nikon Corp handed over Bt12 million, the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate Association presented Bt200,000, the ThaiIndian Chamber of Commerce gave Bt1 million, the Yunnan Association of Thailand presented Bt288,000, PTT Group presented 100,000 cans of food and Land Department chief handed over 1 million litres of biofermented water. Actor Pete Thongchua donated Bt900,000 that he raised in a concert, while the Thaicom Foundation presented 20 floating toilets and 1,000 emergency toilet sets through Thaksin’s three children.
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