Satish files royal petition against his deportation

Breaking News March 06, 2014 00:00

Prominent Indian businessman Satish Sehgal on Thursday filed a petition with His Majesty the King over the order to deport him.
Satish, the former chairman of Thai-Indian Chambre of Commerce, asked one of his brothers to submit the petition at the Royal Household Bureau this morning.
He said in a telephone interview that he did not make the submission himself due to safety concerns and added that he did not know the procedure. “I have not yet received any written document about the deportation,” he said. 
The government’s Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order has accused him of defying state of emergency and being involved in laying siege of government agencies. Chalerm on Wednesday said he already signed the deportation order.
His brother, whose name is not known, said told reporters that his brother is very loyal to the Thai monarchy and had regularly demonstrated that loyalty. His family is very upset by the deportation order.

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