SFT protests against Article 112's enforcement

Breaking News April 17, 2014 00:00

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The Student Federation of Thailand (SFT) and other pro-democracy groups Thursday staged a protest outside the Pheu Thai Party headquarters against the Criminal Code's Article 112, which penalises violators of the lese majeste law.

SFT secretary-general Supat Asasri led protesters in what was dubbed a campaign to raise pubic awareness and opposition against enforcers of Article 112. The protesters put on a skit in which the mocked officials and The protesters performed and mocked officials, wearing masks imitating law offenders who allegedly violated the lese majesty law such as United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship member, Daranee “Da Torpedo” Charncherngsilpakul.
Daranee was sentenced to 18 years in prison without suspension in April 2009 for “intending to insult” their Majesties at a political protest.
The protesters wanted to submit their letter to the Pheu Thai Party but no official turned up to accept the document.
Supat said they rallied at the Pheu Thai Party as a symbolic protest because the party comes from election but still enforces this law against the people.
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