Royal decree to pardon inmates enacted

Breaking News December 04, 2011 00:00

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His Majesty the King has issued a royal command to enact a royal decree to pardon some 20,000 inmates nationwide on the occasion of his 84th birthday anniversary.


The decree, which was signed by His Majesty, was based on the royal pardon decree enacted last year by the Democrat Partyled government.
In the statement published on the Royal Gazette, His Majesty said the inmates should be given a second chance on the occasion of King’s birthday anniversary.
The 2011 royal pardon decree states that the eligible inmates must have been detained in prisons or detention centres sanctioned by courts or government agencies.
The 2011 decree was a little bit different from the last year’s decree on the point that inmates convicted in drug cases are also eligible for royal pardon on ground that their jail term must not be longer than eight years.
The Corrections Department has used the criteria of the decree to screen eligible inmates and reported that 20,000 will be eligible. The department said 12,000 inmates will be released on December 8 and the rest will be gradually released later.
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