Report: Piece of MH17 fuselage and more bodies found in Ukraine

Breaking News July 25, 2014 00:00

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Melbourne - A piece of the fuselage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and more bodies have been found in a wooded area at the crash site in Ukraine, Australian media reported Friday.

"We found human remains yesterday and more again today," Michael Bociurkiw, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe spokesman, told the Sydney Morning Herald.
Bociurkiw visited the site in Donetsk with investigators from the Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia.
The visit was the first for the team from Australia. Thirty-seven Australian nationals and residents were on the plane.
"The most significant find today was we went into a heavily wooded area and found a huge piece of fuselage," he was quoted saying by broadcaster ABC.
"So that was again in a wooded area and it almost appeared out of nowhere because there were no tell-tale signs, no broken branches, nothing to indicate that a piece of fuselage had landed there"

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