Prayuth urges businesses to do more to help poor

Breaking News August 15, 2014 20:31

Junta chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha Friday urged business sectors to help the poor, saying it was time for everyone to help the country surmount this time of crisis

Speaking on his weekly television programme, Prayuth said that cooperation was needed across a broad spectrum of industries including merchandising, exports, construction, and transportation.

He said leading figures in those industries needed to brainstorm in order to find a way out for the country in this time of global uncertainty.

"Everyone must lower sale prices, increase the purchasing power, and maintain appropriate profits," he said. "They have to think of those with low income.

"If you substantially lower the price of the products you buy from farmers, they will not be able to sur?vive. The state cannot spend a lot of money or provide price support for everyone."


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