Police try to arrest Indian businessman on insurrection charge

Breaking News May 16, 2014 00:00

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Dozens of police on Friday afternoon were surrounding a condominium in Silom where Satish Sehgal, a leading Indian businessman; lived.
Satish Segal is one of anti-government rally leaders who were issued arrest warrant on insurrection charge.
A police was quoted as saying that Satish should surrender or face deportation.
Criminal Court on Wednesday approved arrest warrants requested by Department of Special Investigation on 30 core leaders of People's Democratic Reform Committee, including Satish.
Satish, a former chairman of Thai-Indian Chamber of Commerce, was criticised of being a leader of PDRC after he appeared on rally stage. However he denied the charges. He faced deportation if charged. 
A witness said people who lived in the areas came out in their attempt to help Satish by blocking police with their vehicles.

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