Police seal off Thai-Japanese Bridge following mysterious shooting

Breaking News February 03, 2014 00:00

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A man and a woman were injured from gunshot wounds in a midnight shooting on Thai-Japanese Bridge in Samyan area.
The man was identified as Prapun Promvisit, 33. He was heading home from Samyan market shortly before midnight. He was driving on the bridge only to find that there was a blockage in the middle of the bridge.
Nation Channel reported that he lowered the window and was telling cars behind him to turn back when three shots were fired. One shot hit the windshield, scraped his ear and past through to the back. Another bullet hit the side mirror. Prapun received treatment at Theptarin Hospital and already went home.
Erawan Rescue Center said the woman, whose name was not revealed, had a minor wound at her shoulder. She was already discharged from Lertsin Hospital.

Following the shooting, police sealed off the bridge.

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