Philippines bans new worker deployments in 3 countries

Breaking News July 27, 2014 00:00

Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN - As conflicts in the tumultuous regions of East Africa and the Middle East continue to rage, the Philippine government has begun imposing both partial and total bans on Filipino worker deployment in Kenya, Israel as well as

In one of the  advisories posted on its website, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration announced it has imposed a temporary ban on worker deployment to Kenya after the Department of Foreign Affairs hoisted Crisis Alert Level 2 in the East African country beset by security concerns.
“The POEA Governing Board hereby resolves to impose a temporary suspension of the processing and deployment of newly hired OFWs to Kenya,” said the POEA Governing Board resolution NO. 16-2014 posted on its website.
However, the POEA said the ban on deploying newly hired workers does not include those employed by the United Nations and its affiliate agencies.
Under the Alert Level 2, the POEA would still allow the deployment of vacationing workers to Kenya.
“The processing and deployment of vacationing and returning workers to the said country, subject to their compliance with documentation requirements, shall be allowed,” the POEA said.

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