Patient dies in fire at Rama II Hospital

Breaking News March 24, 2014 00:00

A patient died in his bed in a fire that broke out in his room at Rama II Hospital late Sunday night, police said.

The fire broke out at 11:50 pm in the room where Manote Thesanguan was receiving treatment.
He suffered severe burns on his face, body and arms. His left hand and ankles were tied to his bed.
Pira Khananuwat, the hospital director, told police that the man had to be tied up because he had tried to kill himself or sometimes harassed other patients.
Pira said the patient asked a permission to smoke at 9 pm but the nurse on duty did not allow him to smoke. The director said the hospital did not know how the fire broke out.
Police did not find any cigarette butt or a lighter in the room. Police had yet to check the feed of the security camera in the room.
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