Overstay blacklisting starts in March

Breaking News December 09, 2015 15:26

By The Nation

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Thailand's Immigration Bureau could start blacklisting foreigners who stay beyond their visa period with effect from March 2016.

The royal decree on the blacklisting is expected to be promulgated in late March, said bureau chief Pol Maj Gen Natthorn Prosunthorn.
He said that the foreigners would be divided into two groups: those on overstay who turn themselves to the authorities and those who are arrested for overstaying.
In the first group, those with one year of overstay will be subject to a 3-year entry ban; those with more than 3 years of overstay will be banned for 5 years; and those with over 5 years of overstay will be banned for 10 years. 
Those falling into the second group will be banned for 5-10 years depending on the overstay length. 
He added that he believed that a large number of foreigners would contact the authorities before the law takes effect. This will facilitate the authorities' monitoring of foreigners and screen quality visitors, he said. 
“The existing law is weak, with fines of only Bt20,000,” he said. 
On average, about 1,100 foreigners in Greater Bangkok submitted applications for permission to lengthen their stay in the past year, or 280,000 in total. Outside Bangkok, over 900,000 submitted the applications during October 1-November 30, 2015. 


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