Ninth day of second reading of charter amendment bill resumed

Breaking News May 01, 2012 00:00

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MPs and senators resumed the second reading of the charter amendment bill Tuesday morning, which was the ninth day of the second reading.

Parliament President Somsak Kiartsuranon ordered the resumption of the second reading at 10:06 am.

But before Parliament resumed the deliberation of Article 291/6, which states how to select 22 specialist members of the Constitution Drafting Assembly, the meeting spent about 40 minutes to discuss whether to continue live broadcast of the debate and how to schedule next meetings for the second reading.

Somsak informed the MPs and senators that the state-run NBT station would not be able to continue live broadcast of the charter debate all the time. For example, the NBT will have to resume its evening news program from 8 pm to 8:30 pm from now on.

Somsak said Pheu Thai MPs also wanted discontinue the live broadcast of the charter amendment debate but he personally saw the live broadcast should continue.

Some senators and Democrat MPs proposed that when NBT station could not broadcast the debate live, other government-owned station, such as Channel 9, or the Thai PBS, which runs on the government’s budget should replace NBT to provide the live broadcast.

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