Newspaper apologises for "world is fukt" headline

Breaking News April 28, 2014 00:00

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SYDNEY - The Australian financial newspaper which accidentally published a front-page headline reading "World is Fukt" apologised on Monday to its readers for the error-ridden edition.

The respected Australian Financial Review, in a message from editor-in-chief Michael Stutchbury, said the mistake was due to a production and printing error.
"The Australian Financial Review apologises to Western Australian readers for the obviously unacceptable state of the newspaper's front page on Thursday," he said in an apology in Monday's newspaper.
The accidental front page quickly found fans on Twitter, who approved of the headline which read in full: "Arms buildup - Buys planes, World is Fukt".
They also enjoyed the fact that the headline for a story about a major budget speech by Treasurer Joe Hockey was empty of meaning, reading "Three lines to come here". 
Using the hashtag #WorldisFukt, readers described the mistakes as a "tremendously great publishing error" and "journalism that tells it like it is". 
The unusual edition, which was confined to the 16,000 or so copies printed and circulated in Western Australia, is now attracting interest on ebay, with one specimen attracting a bid of Aus$81 (US$75)-- well above the edition's Aus$3.50 cover price.

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