Nanjing seeks UNESCO listing for massacre documents

Breaking News February 13, 2014 00:00

BEIJING - Documents related to the Nanjing Massacre are being submitted for inclusion on a UNESCO list by authorities in the Chinese city, state media reported Thursday, after uproar over a Japanese bid to include suicide pilots' farewell letters.

According to the Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post, it is the third time that Nanjing has submitted the documents for inclusion in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register, which also includes such items as the diary of Anne Frank and Britain's Magna Carta.
The cache includes documents related to the atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers in the eastern Chinese city, where Tokyo's imperial forces went on a six-week spree of rape, slaughter and destruction from December 1937. Estimates of the dead range as high as 300,000 people, although some are much lower.
The papers also include files on the use of "comfort women" forced into sex slavery by Japanese troops, the newspaper said. 

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