NCPO claims Pravit's detention justified

Breaking News September 14, 2015 15:00

By The Nation

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The National Council for Peace and Order Monday defended the detention of The Nation's reporter Pravit Rojanaphruk, saying he had disseminated information in a way that was not in accordance with the guideline for keeping peace and order.

But NCPO spokesman Col Winthai Suvari did not provide details of specific incidents that Pravit had disseminated such information.

Winthai said it was still uncertain how long Pravit would be detained, depending on results of investigations and Pravit’s cooperation as well as evidence.

Winthai said Pravit had presented information against the NCPO’s guideline more often recently.

“Sometimes, the information mentioned other persons or organisations. Such information could cause misunderstanding in society although there have been no proofs yet,” Winthai said.

He added that the NCPO would have to seek cooperation from all sectors to ensure that there would be peace and order in the country.

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