N. Korea 'election' records 99.97% turnout

Breaking News March 11, 2014 00:00

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SEOUL - North Korea confirmed Tuesday a near-perfect turnout for its parliamentary "election" in which single candidates -- approved by the political elite -- stood uncontested in 687 constituencies across the country.

"According to the election returns available, 99.97 per cent of all the voters registered... took part in the election," the North's official KCNA news agency said.
Of the votes cast on Sunday, "100 per cent" were for the unopposed candidates, a fact KCNA said demonstrated "the absolute support and trust of all voters" for the government.
The wholly stage-managed election for the North's rubber-stamp Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) included a win for paramount leader Kim Jong-Un, who notably managed a perfect turnout in his own constituency.
The parliamentary poll is held every five years and turnout this time was actually slightly down on 2009 when 99.98 per cent cast their ballots.
Each constituency had only one state-sanctioned candidate and voters were only allowed to mark "yes" on a ballot sheet in a closely-monitored polling booth.
Many top Korean officials are members of the parliament, and the election is an opportunity to see if any established names are absent.
The long list of elected candidates published by KCNA on Tuesday amounted to a directory of the ruling elite.
Kim Jong-Un's powerful aunt, Kim Kyong-Hui, was on the list, suggesting she remained in power -- at least nominally -- despite the purge and shock execution in December of her husband, Jang Song-Thaek. 

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