Mozart moves Perth louts out

Breaking News June 08, 2014 00:00

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Sydney - Mozart piped through loudspeakers at Perth train stations is having success in deterring loitering teenagers who cause trouble late at night.

Teenagers consider Mozart, Bach, Hayden and other classical music decidedly uncool, and move on rather than hang out at the stations, the West Australian newspaper reported.

The Perth Public Transport Authority has been broadcasting the music as a trial to prevent loitering and improve passenger amenity.

"We rotate the music around different stations on our network," a transport spokesman said.

"The music itself is chosen at random by our staff and set to a timer to play at different times."

Using classical music to disperse loitering youths has been tried and proven all over the world.

It was first tried with success in Canada and England, where robberies, assaults and vandalism declined.



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