Most economists want next PM to be decisive, reform-minded: survey

Breaking News June 08, 2014 00:00

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MOST ECONOMISTs believe the most favourable qualities the new prime minister should resonate are boldness, decisiveness and being reform-minded, according to a Bangkok Poll released Sunday.

The survey of 60 economists from the country’s 31 top institutions showed that 65 per cent want a PM who is decisive and makes reform the first priority and 10 per cent want a PM who has the ability to strike a compromise between conflicting parties. 
Forty-one per cent believe the new PM should not serve more than one year and 20 per cent said the PM should not serve longer than six months.
Asked if politicians should be allowed to take part in the reform process, 36.7 per cent believe they should because they know the problems best and reform without their involvement may be later rejected. 
Another 36.7 per cent of respondents believe politicians should not be allowed to take part because reform should be free from political influence and politicians always want to protect their interests.
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