Most Thais want to see political deadlock ended: survey

Breaking News April 27, 2014 00:00

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A Dusit Poll survey released Sunday found most people wanted rival political camps to take one step back to end the political deadlock that could spiral into civil strife.

Asked what they believed politicians should do to end the crisis, of 1,372 people (44 per cent) wanted rival camps to forgive and do away with an obstinate attitude. 
Asked what they believed was the reason the political crisis has been prolonged, 39 per cent said political rival camps were not sincere in solving problems but were playing games, 25 per cent said so much was at stake people could not let go, 20 per cent said the political divide had occurred for too long and was too deep, 7 per cent said law loopholes, lax enforcement and double standards and another 7 per cent said a lack of politicians with the right attitude. 
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