More than 1,000 suicidal following flood crisis

Breaking News November 11, 2011 00:00

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More than 1,000 people whose lives have been disrupted by the floods are at risk of committing suicide, Disaster Mitigation Centre director Phanu Yaemsri said Friday.


Of more than 1.3 million Thais affected by floods, 1,154 had been found to be suicide risks, he said.
Phanu said The Public Health Ministry had conducted psychiatric checkups on 114,815 people. Apart from those with suicide risk, 7,308 reported feelings of depression and 6,170 said they were under stress. Of these, 5,578 had been given medication while 1,786 were under special monitoring. 
At least 533 people have died as a result of the floods and two people are missing.
Some 7,210 villages in 129 districts of 23 provinces are still under water.
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