More human remains found at MH17 crash site, Australia says

Breaking News August 01, 2014 13:16

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Sydney - Experts recovered more human remains at the Malaysia Airlines plane crash site in eastern Ukraine, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Friday.

"The team that had gone in ... had been onto the site and had exited the site and, as I understand it, had recovered some more remains," Abbott told reporters in Sydney.
A larger team planned to visit the site within 24 hours, he said.
The Boeing plane carrying 298 people is suspected of having been shot down by rebels on July 17.
Most of the occupants were Dutch, Malaysian and Australian. Search teams have recovered many bodies but Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Thursday said the remains of 80 people could still be at the site.
The Dutch government confirmed Thursday that the experts from the Netherlands, Australia and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) had managed to reach the site.
Australia, the United States and Europe accuse Moscow of arming the separatists. The crash came some four months after Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimean peninsula, prompting fighting between the Ukrainian army and the separatists.
Moscow denies arming the rebels. Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, Thursday accused Kiev of blocking access to the crash site.
Ukraine Thursday said it would implement a one-day ceasefire in the region to facilitate access.

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