Microsoft considering current cloud chief for chief executive

Breaking News January 31, 2014 00:00

Washington - Software giant Microsoft Corp was considering Satya Nadella, its head of cloud and enterprise division, for the position of chief executive officer, news reports said, citing people close to the matter.

Indian-born Nadella, 46, has been one of the favourites to replace Steve Ballmer for several weeks, financial news agency Bloomberg reported early Friday, citing sources familiar with the selection procedure, who added that the choice had not been made.
Ballmer, 57, has said he would retire by August, after working for Microsoft since he joined as the company's 30th employee in 1980.
Nadella's 22 years with Microsoft and technical background would stand him in good stead with the company's engineers, observers were quoted by Bloomberg as saying.
But an internal appointment for chief executive would put pressure on the board to look outside the company to replace founder Bill Gatesas chairman, the report said.
Gates, 58, may be stepping down from the position to focus on the foundation he set up with his wife Melinda, according to Bloomberg and a report in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

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