Lack of evidence leads to acquittal of Yala man

Breaking News July 31, 2014 00:00

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The Criminal Court Thursday acquitted a Yala man of conspiracy to terror because of a lack of witness accounts that could have implicated him in a series of acts cited as separatist efforts 12 years ago.

The judges said the prosecution had presented only hearsay to implicate the defendant, Ahamat Mauseng, and it was not sufficient to convince them that he had been involved in the separatist movement in the deep South. They also ruled that there was not enough evidence to prove he attended three meetings to plan attacks between June and August of 2002, before his arrest in September 2011.
The suspect, 31, was also acquitted of illegal possession of a number of weapons including an assault rifle and a pistol, of criminal or terror conspiracy and attempted insurrection. 
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