Labour Ministry officials return home two hours after returning to work

Breaking News February 04, 2014 00:00

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Labour Ministry official evacuated the ministry compound and returned home again at 11 am Tuesday just two hours after they returned to work for the first time since the People's Democratic Reform Committee blocked the ministry.

The officials were frightened when they saw some 300 policemen arrive at the ministry at 10:30 am. Many of the policemen went upstairs to the fifth floor of the building which is the office of the permanent secretary for Labour Ministry.

There were also some 200 workers of Siam Phochanakarn factory in Samut Prakan rallying in front of the ministry, demanding an intervention from the government in their dispute with their employer.

Jirasak Sugandhajati, the permanent secretary for Labour, said officials misunderstood that the PDRC protesters would besiege the ministry again when they saw a lot of policemen in the compound. So, the officials returned home despite there was announcement on the public addressing system telling them to stay and work.

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