Kidnappers demand 11 million dollars for Chinese tourist

Breaking News April 10, 2014 00:00

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Kuala Lumpur - Kidnappers who abducted a Chinese tourist from Malaysia last week have demanded a ransom of more than 11 million dollars for her release, Kuala Lumpur said Thursday.

"We have received a note that the kidnappers have asked for 500 million (Philippine) pesos," Home Minister Zahid Hamidi said.
"We have sent our team to discuss with the so-called reported middle person," The Star daily quoted him as saying.
Suspected members of the Abu Sayyaf militant group of the southern Philippines seized Gao Hua Yuan, 29, and a Filipino worker Marcy Dayawan, 40, from a floating resort off the town of Semporna in Malaysia's Sabah state on Borneo island on April 2.
Zahid said there was no ransom demand for the Filipino hostage.
Officials believed the two are being held on one of the islands in the southern Philippines.
Philippine police have detained 22 people for questioning, including two close relatives of Dayawan, amid suspicion that the kidnappers may have had access to inside information about the resort.

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