Karon black water strikes again, flows across trash-covered beach

Breaking News March 29, 2014 00:00

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PHUKET: The Karon black water saga continued today as a fresh wave of rank, dirty water flowed over a line of trash that has accumulated on the beach.

“This is a failure on the part of Karon Municipality. I have not seen them do anything to try to resolve the problem,” said Karon Subdistrict Chief (Kamnan) Winai Chidchiew.

“Previously, the issue was just the black water. But today, we found a lot of garbage on the beach as well. If the municipality could provide trashcans and promote their usage, I believe we would not have this garbage problem.”

Kamnan Winai explained that the line of garbage along the beach is caused by people leaving trash behind on the sand.

“People leave their garbage on the beach every day. When it is high tide, the water drags that trash into the sea. Then when it is low tide, it is left in rows along the beach,” he said.

“Please, if you come here, try to leave the beach safe and clean.”

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