Jurors: Apple-Samsung patent case bad for consumers

Breaking News May 06, 2014 00:00

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San Francisco - The jury foreman behind Friday's verdict in the Apple-Samsung patent case spoke publicly for the first time Monday and said he believed the battle between the two tech giants was harming consumers.

Apple had demanded 2.2 billion dollars in damages after accusing Samsung of copying five iPhone patents for its own smartphones. The jury found that Samsung had violated two patents but ordered the South Korean company to pay Apple only 120 million dollars in damages.

"Ultimately, the consumer is the loser in all this," jury foreman Thomas Dunham told the San Jose Mercury News. "I'd like to see them find a way to settle. I hope this (verdict) in some way helps shape that future."

Dunham, a former executive at IBM, denied that the jury's verdict was designed to have a far-reaching effect on the ongoing patent wars in the smartphone world.

"It wasn't a decision based on trying to send a message to one company or another," he said. "It was based on the evidence that was presented to us."

The eight jurors reached their verdict on Friday after a nearly month-long trial.

In a previous patent trial Apple was awarded more than 900 million dollars in damages from Samsung for patent violations.


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